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Holla ! Welcome to Suhailaroslan Official Blog. My name is Suhaila Roslan but you guys can call me Su. I'm 21 years old. I am a Malacca baby born but got raise up in Kulai, Johor Bahru. Get connected with me in my available social media accounts that I've linked down below. Thank you. No spam please :)

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Diploma Sains Gunaan UiTM Jengka

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim -

Okay guys, welcome back for my new entry. Sekarang ni tengah kecoh dengan penerapan UiTM *dihatiku intake 2017/2018 for degree. Sekarang saya tak nak bincang dalam, apa kos yang saya nak ambil, aku sekarang dalam keadaan yang desperate amat untuk bercerita tentang kekusutan yang sedang melanda hidup saya dalam seminggu ini. Please keep on reading, terutama kepada pelajar SPM, sebab saya nak buka minda awak semua luas-luas tentang future awak. Saya nak menyesal dah terlambat, bahkan hidup perlu diteruskan. Tapi tak bermakna masih terlambat untuk saya berkongsi sedikit pengetahuan kepada semua candidates SPM di luar sana, yang bakal menjadi calon SPM atau tidak. Saya cuma nak awak baca santai entry ini, jangan stressed/depressed tiba-tiba pulak !

Which one do you prefer the most; Reading or Writing ?

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Hellllo guys, welcome back for my new entry. Unfortunately, Iam not going to continue with Kitab Terfaktab book review, cause I just wanna share with you guys, how much I love reading and writing at the same time for the past few years until this moment. I guess thats the reason why I can't leave this blogging world, huh ? Its okay, Iam going to make a short entry about this *I hope so :')) cause I love talking nonsense (nagging), lol

Kitab Terfaktab : Part II

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Okay guys,welcome back for my new entry. So, Iam going to continue for the next topic from Kitab Terfaktab previous entry. So for my third title, I choose Underground Relationship (UR). So who knows anything about an underground relationship ? Well, here's a bit of info about UNDERGROUND RELATIONSHIP from the book :

Kitab Terfaktab

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim -

Okay guys, welcome back for another new entry. So as you can see, I changed my blog face again, but that doesn't matter. So, today Iam going to share with you guys, Kitab Terfaktab : Konotasi Rasa, the fourth edition from Kitab Terfaktab. But don't worry, Im not going to share the whole content from the book. Im just simply going to pick random, certain topics that I like and my reactions about'em :)) So stay tuned ...

Ascend by Amanda Hocking

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Okay guys, Im still in dilemma to continue my writing about this trylle novel series after TORN, entitled Ascend. I can't wait to share it with you guys, the ending of this story, but not all of it. You guys need to purchase these books. And, Amanda Hocking new book is available now, grab your at the nearest bookstores. The book entitled 'FREEKS' !! Do check out now on if I am not mistaken :))

Okay so here are a bit of the review of the Ascend :