shlarsln // nerdygal's: February 2017
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Torn By Amanda Hocking

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim -

Okay guys, welcome back. So today I was searching for novels that I wanted to read but end up with where I found a lot of books that I bought for the past few years.

I got lots of books in my house. But today, Im going to do a review on one of my most favourites book ever. Actually this is a Trylle Novel, but I don't mind to read this book. Nak tengok jugakkan macam mana 'fantasi' of a Trylle Novel of english version. It supposed to have 3 of this series. But I only have two out of the three. I couldn't find the first one. Well, actually the first series *book was suggested by my dearest friend, Anussa entitled Switched. It all begins with Switched.

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