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Ascend by Amanda Hocking

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Okay guys, Im still in dilemma to continue my writing about this trylle novel series after TORN, entitled Ascend. I can't wait to share it with you guys, the ending of this story, but not all of it. You guys need to purchase these books. And, Amanda Hocking new book is available now, grab your at the nearest bookstores. The book entitled 'FREEKS' !! Do check out now on if I am not mistaken :))

Okay so here are a bit of the review of the Ascend :

First published 2012 by St Martin's Press, New York
Copyright Amanda Hocking 2011
All right reserved
Printed and bound by CPI Group (UK) Ltd, Croydon
You can visit to read more about all their books and to buy them of course :))
295 pages

So, lets continue from the previous. Okay, after all the disasters that happened to Wendy, a few days/weeks after that was Wendy's wedding with Tove. But before that could happened, Loki unexpectedly came to Wendy's place in pieces and asked for an amnesty from Wendy since he's really got beaten the hell out of him. Wendy try to ask Loki what actually happened to him after he's getting better so that she can try her best to persuade her peoples' so that Loki could stay there.

The night before her big day, Finn sneak into Wendy's room to give her a ring. Finn knows that he aren't capable to stop the wedding as it was for the sake of duty but Finn can't help to have Wendy for himself too. Wendy was happy at first, but then she realized that she actually can't love Finn, not anymore. Because, it wasn't meant to be. After all the romance, then Wendy knows Finn will vanish immediately afterwards, hide away in disgrace and avoid her. Wendy can't take it too much.

The next day of their marriage, they find out that Oslinna had been attacked by Oren's army. And that news shocked Wendy the most ! Wendy asked if Loki knew anything about the plan to attack Oslinna, but Loki doesn't have any idea at all. But Wendy clear herself out that if she finds out that Loki had anything to do with the attacked happened to Oslinna, she will bring Loki to the King herself as Oren did came to her place before and ask if any of his 'trash' had passed the area. Wendy lied to Oren and said that she never seen that piece of 'trash'

*TRASH = LOKI a.k.a refugees I would rather said it :))

Afterwards, Finn volunteer himself on the mission to rescue people that survives from the attacked. But on the way there, they happened to bump with the hobgoblins and trying to ambush them but they end up got bitten, since they are more powerful. So Finn yeah, quite a bit shocked with what they are capable of. They returned home and ask Loki for the solution on how to beat'em ! Somehow, Finn are not satisfied with how Loki answered to his question since Loki should be able to know everything, perhaps a way out to solve the problem. But Loki can't do much to help since he never try to beat them too.

Then, Wendy decided to meet Oren. And the only way to meet her father is by asking Loki to bring her to his place. Well, of course Loki would never allowed that to happened. After all that he did to come here in pieces, Wendy rather ask him to bring him back to that awful place. So, Wendy end up with a plan where she wants to buy time for them to prepare their army in time before Oren could do more damage that he already done to her people. Meanwhile in return, Oren will have to wait for Wendy to be crowned as Queen and then Wendy will hand over her kingdom to Oren. But of course, Wendy would not allowed that to happen. Loki happens to agree with the plan and bring Wendy to Oren's place. Also in the meantime, Oren shall not place 'his hands' on any of Wendy's people anymore, not until she is crown as Queen.

While in the process of dealing with Oren, Wendy got manipulated with Orens' words. So that he would hate Loki and leave him to Oren. But somehow, Wendy barely saved Loki and herself out from that place with mixed feelings. Half of her thinks that she got fooled by Loki all this time, but the other half, believe that Loki do that because he's being tortured.

**By means, I agree with Loki, anyone that are tortured terribly would agree to anything if they're asked to do so !

Loki don't want Wendy to think bad about him. So he cleared out himself, explained every single thing to Wendy. Soon, a passing SUV squealed to a stop next to them, where Finn immediately punched Loki in the face, and Loki meant to strike back when he lifts his fist, but eventually Wendy stop the fighting. They went back home, settle and clear out every single thing they need to speak out.


Lets skip this part cause Im damn hardly can resist myself from not to touch the book, okay :))

Okay, something happened to Loki and Wendy. But I don't want to touch that part. Eager to know ? Then go grab the book at your near bookstores :))

After that, Wendy made a suicide decision right after she saw Elora's painting. She saw everyone that she loves died in a very awful way that they each had. Especially Loki. So, she made a decision to surrender herself to Oren so that Oren won't killed anyone just like in the picture. But Loki barely managed to saved Wendy from making such a decision. So Loki promised to Wendy that he'll work harder with the others in order to protect their right and peoples. They would never let Oren win. Loki don't want Wendy to surrender. Even if they will lost the fight, but at least, they fight, and not just simply surrender. It doesn't make things any better if Wendy just surrender herself to Oren.

Wendy however, planning an ambush right after her coronation. She decided to attack the Vittra's at night, when people were asleep. But, it turns out that, Oren somehow knew their plan. Loki fight with the others while Wendy had a face to face fight with Oren. The time comes when Wendy realized that she is nothing compared to Oren whom are much more stronger than her and more powerful. But then Oren ask his army to bring Loki inside.

Well, I can said that, they beat Loki the hell out of him !! I HATE OREN SO MUCH

Loki apologized for not able to beat them. Wendy ask for mercy to let go of Loki. But Oren killed Loki with his sword. It goes straight through Loki's heart. And somehow, Wendy felt like her worlds is tearing apart. However, that feeling makes Oren goes weaker. Its some kind of power that Wendy rarely able to used, it was spontaneous. Then, Wendy cut Oren heads off. Wendy ask help from Sara to cure Loki.

Well, I think Im going to leave it until here. What do you guys think would happen to Loki. Did he survive ? Does Wendy get to married with the one who she truly loves ? If it is, then whose its gonna be ? Finn or Loki ? How will they end up with ?

I guessed, Im leaving this story hanging just like this. Go grab yours now at your near bookstores.
Anyway, Amanda Hocking new book, FREEKS are coming out !!! Go buy them :))

Rating : 5/5