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Torn By Amanda Hocking

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Okay guys, welcome back. So today I was searching for novels that I wanted to read but end up with where I found a lot of books that I bought for the past few years.

I got lots of books in my house. But today, Im going to do a review on one of my most favourites book ever. Actually this is a Trylle Novel, but I don't mind to read this book. Nak tengok jugakkan macam mana 'fantasi' of a Trylle Novel of english version. It supposed to have 3 of this series. But I only have two out of the three. I couldn't find the first one. Well, actually the first series *book was suggested by my dearest friend, Anussa entitled Switched. It all begins with Switched.

So my first impression on the first series, like 'DOUBLE WOAHH', I want to keep reading it. Like seriously, it was a lot of fun. All the fantasy, the characters, the elements in this book was just so aliveee ! I TOTALLY LOVE IT. And then I asked Anussa for the second book, but she don't have it. Then, I decided to search and purchase as fast as I could for the first and the second edition. I went to AEON, but I couldn't find anything. And then I try to search at Popular, and alhamdulillah, I found the Torn with a new face. I mean they renew the cover, so it looks more attractive, I supposed. And yeah, I think the same way too. The torn had a blue, like royal blue cover. Each books got differents cover pages for the new edition.

So, up to this day, I am still looking for Switched, but Im not lucky, cause I still can't find one. But so far, I've got the Torn and the third book, Ascend :)) I LOVE THE ENDING SO MUCH, OKAY !!

If only they could do the magic and make a movie from these books. I'd only found the trailers but not the movie. Im so sad. Please, make a movie from these books
Okay, see the Torn, covered in blue, in the middle. And Ascend with a green'er' cover page. But, for Ascend I have the old version cover page, Like who cares, as long as I'd the books. Thats enough, right ?!

So, here's a bit about TORN by Amanda Hocking edition :
First published 2012 by St Martin's Press, New York
Copyright Amanda Hocking 2011
All right reserved
Printed and bound by CPI Group (UK) Ltd, Croydon
You can visit to read more about all their books and to buy them of course :))

So here's a bit written at the back cover.
Wendy Everly can barely remember what it was like to feel like a normal girl. She'd wished for her life to be different but everything is so much more complicated then she'd expected. And she certainly hadn't dreamt she'd be getting married at eighteen to a man she didn't love - all for the sake of duty.
As the big day approached, Wendy can't stop thinking about two different men - and neither of them are her huband-to-be. Finn, quiet, strong and determined to do what's right, and Loki, dark and seductive - a sworn enemy who once saved her life ...
With all-out war just days away, Wendy needs to act quickly if she is to save her friends and family. But while her loyalties and duties are to her people, deeper passions are leading her elsewhere.
And as her worlds collide Wendy must sacrifice everything she loves to save them. But will it be enough ?
So, dipendekkan cerita, saya amek sekali daripada Switched untuk dikaitkan, pada awalnya Wendy, is a product of the most powerful Trylle (her mother)and the most powerful Vittra (her father, Oren) but she had been a changeling. A law that they has to obey when giving birth to children. **personally I think, its more like an optional I supposed. Kira di beri jagaan kepada orang biasa (human), to keep them safe lah senang kata. So, Wendy perasan yang dia lain, its like a power, somekind of magic detected tapi dia tak nak layankan snagat, until the time comes, where she met with Finn. Kalau kita ikut taraf manusia biasa, Finn is like a humble who works for the royalty (Wendy's mother, Elora). Tapi Wendy masih tak tahu identiti Finn yang sebenarnya. Then, bila Finn bawa Wendy pergi dunia dia yang sebenar, Wendy blurr hahahahaha*lol how do I say this. She was full of mystery with the things that happened, bila diceritakan, Wendy rasa macam a total loss, loss for words, nak percaya atau tidak. But, lama-lama dia mula faham, mula adapt dengan persekitaran baru, dan dapat tahu, mak dan ayah dia tidak bersama lagi, dimana ayah dia ingin menguasai Trylles' world.

**sorry weh rojak bm bi campur :'))

Tapi Wendy masih takut, well dia belum adaptasi dengan persekitaran dia sepenuhnya, then dapat tahu kene belajar untuk mahir menggunakan kuasa yang dia ada dalam masa terdekat untuk kalahkan ayah dia yang super duper jahat tuh. Like, Wendy berbolak-balik gituu. Hahahaha. But at the same time, she fall in love with Finn, yang sentiasa ada dengan dia, protect dia, support dia and etc. Tapi sayang, Elora tak izinkan sebab mereka tak sama darjat. Dalam taraf mereka, Finn dikira taraf rendah. I don't remember what kind of level does Finn fit :')) Elora benarkan Wendy spend time satu kali itu jerk dengan Finn, and then the next day Finn left Wendy as he made promises to Elora.

Part ni aku nak touching gilalah. Because, after all that Finn did. They can't be together just because of they're not equal. Hermm sob sob. I was like, Wendy memang bersunguh nakkan Finn, but Finn was just,, like follow Elora's order. Hermm, Im speechless. Okay, lets continue.

Then, Wendy decide nak kembali pada rumah keluarga dia (humans' world) but suddenly she had been ambushed by Loki and Keira

**Okay, time ni aku dah agak, THIRD WHEEL !! I just love LOKI, maigadd :)) Okay sambung sambung !

Wendy was brought to Oren's place. I couldn't called it a dungeon personally if she could wander around it. Like Loki said : its not much of a dungeon, and she's not much of a prisoner as they're free to walk around. At that time, Wendy met Oren and Sara. Sara is much like a sister to Loki, as she'd been taking care of Loki since he was a child. Loki anak yatim piatu, haa kan senang cakap Melayu :)) Ayah dia dibunuh dengan kejam oleh Oren sendiri rasanya :)) Hahahaha, like seriously I barely remember the storyline. So, Loki berada disitu pun atas dasar nak balas jasa Sara membesarkan dia. Plus untuk protect Sara daripada Oren juga, cause Oren are so evil !!!

But then, Finn came to save Wendy and her friends from the 'dungeon'. Loki was hung upside down, he was happy to see that Wendy could run away from that dreadful place but at the same time he feels sad. Nak tau kenapa. The first time when Loki met Wendy, he said, he could see his world in Wendy's eyes - so yeahhhh, tanda tanda cinta berputik, alertttt !

After a long time of practising her power, Wendy disuruh untuk berkahwin, so since dia tak boleh berkahwin dengan Finn, dia dipaksa untuk berkahwin dengan Tove (a gay) hahahaha. I spoiled the story. Hahahaha. Tapi Wendy tak tahu, dan dia pening bila Finn menggalakkan perkahwinan tu. But then after a long time, suddenly when Wendy was alone at somewhere (can't remembered the details), he spots Loki. They had a small discussion but then ...

// wait wait, part ni aku excited gila yang amat. Lokiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!

You know what, Loki dapat tahu Wendy ada fiance, but then suddenly, he ask Wendy to marry him instead.

//I was like, whattttttttttttttttt.

Kahwin lari, Loki kata dia takada duit sangat, tapi adalah harta peninggalan arwah mak dia, hahahaha, tak ingat,Loki offered Wendy lari jauh daripada tempat tu, pergi virgin island yang hanya akan ada mereka berdua sahaja. Wendy was fluttered

// Me tooooooo !! Puihh macam aku pulak yang kene ajak kahwin dengan Loki. I do ... esh eshh

But Wendy kata dia tak boleh. It was her duty to take care of her people first. And her family. Plus, Loki was her enemy.

// Guys, Im screaming right now. Seksanya weh nak cerita bende ni, terbayang buku, nak baca semula !!! Okay focussss !! Erghhhhhh

After that incident, Wendy kept a distance, until she finds out that Tove is a gay from Finn. Its like a big hit to Wendy. Tapi, dekat sini, bagi aku Finn sebenarnya lebih jealous kalau Wendy kahwin dengan Loki atas dasar cinta. Sebab tu dia bagi alasan kata Loki berbahaya. And, sebab itu dia menggalakkan perkahwinan Wendy dengan Tove. Time ni aku memang hottt !! Hermmm, Im with LOKI. I stand with LOKI, huh ?! Hahahaha

The end. Sambungan dia Ascend. Later on I'll do the review of the book. Right now, Iam desperately in need to reach out for the books and read !!! Might take a couple of days from me to terminate the excited feeling for this book :'))

Oh yeah, lupa, the price of each of these Trylle Novel series is only RM33.90. You can find at Popular near your place :) or any other bookstores
p/s : sorry mix bm bi, and makin lama makin short storyline dia. Hahaha, guys seriously go and grab this book. I don't know if they are still selling it. But goshhh, these books are amazing.

Rating : 5/5