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Satin Skinz Review

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim -

Well, hello guys. Welcome back to my new entry. We'll be talking a bit about Satin Skinz review. So I hope you guys feel free to give your feedbacks about this product or share a bit of your experience during wearing this product.

Okay, so recently I've been wearing this product : SATIN SKINZ GLUTA TABS
well, I can't comment too much on this product because I've been wearing this product for a week. So the results haven't been seen yet. But certainly I can feel little tiny bit different on my face. Im sorry that I couldn't provide a picture of my face before I used this product. So maybe Im going to take the picture of my face after two weeks, perhaps. So, I hope you guys can stay tuned and let's find out together if this product do work like it said to be.

Well, one thing for sure, we all have different skin types, and for me, maybe its gonna take a quite long time to recovered my face. But most of the reviews said that maximum times that it takes is a month. But I still have no idea, how long my face gonna recovered. Well, I hope, after a month, all this dark spots will come off from my face. Like seriously, tolonglah hilang weh *hopeformiracle

So, here are the list of my skin problems *face :
- pimples *especially in my cheeks
- dark spots *it makes my face has an uneven skin tone
- left over pimples * i do mean kesan hitam dari pimples, and it is different from the dark spots on my face
- pigmentation
- scars / scratches
- dry

So, actually I have a lot of skin problems. So that's why I consume this Satin Skinz Gluta Tabs. I hope it works for me. Because I've been trying a lot of products, and for now I keep it in minimum amount of product, like below :
- Satin Skinz Gluta Tabs
- Safi Balqis Face Cleanser
- Aloe Vera
- and Susu Kambing Madu *hot item now

What bothers me the most, is when this dark spots are so hard to come off from my face. It pissed me off. It really did. But I try to be patient and wait for the result to come out. I don't want to stressed too much about my skin. Because if I did, maybe it will effect my face condition. Product before this pun macam tak lut dengan kulit I. So, Im one from the woman out there, that really hope for a miracle to happen by using Satin Skinz's product. In Shaa Allah.

Well, like I said, alhamdulillah, after this one week, I can feel that my face are not so much dry like before. Mungkin juga sebab pemgambilan air mineral yang banyak dalam satu minggu ini.

Yes, when you take the Satin Skinz product. you dengan air mineral, are bestfriend. I can't deny, it is not only me, who usually don't drink waters up to 3litre a day. However, this product recommend you to take 3-5L of mineral water a day. Well, I barely can take up to 3litre ++ so I decided with 3L. Well, they said that, the more water that you drink, the better the result will be. But seriously, #L ni pun nak tercungap cungap jugaklah nak ambil dalam masa seminggu ni. But I try to be constant dengan jumlah pengambilan air sehari, and timing makan Satin Skinz Gluta Tabs ni. Tapi there's time when I woke up late, I missed the timing, lol. So, this is my time when I take the tablets :

*7a.m/10a.m (if I wake up late) Satin Skinz Gluta Tabs
*10a.m/12p.m (if I wake up late) Satin Skinz White Booster
*10p.m Susu Kambing Madu
*12a.m Satin Skinz Gluta Tabs

Okay, so pagi tuh mungkin takde masalah nak ambil. It only matters when I woke up late. Hehehehe. Tapi ni pun satu hal juga. Because I had an insomnia. Yes, masalah tidur malam. I can barely sleep on time at night. Sekali I terminum air teh susu, terus effect cara tidur I. So, nanti tak memasal, waktu malam I akan berjaga, langsung tak tidur, sampailah pagi esok. Pukul 8.30 baru tidur. So, thats why I think Satin Skinz also do help me to sleep on time but once I awake during my sleep, I can't sleep anymore. Not until morning. Stress kan !! It so stress nak guling sana sini, pejam mata kuat kuat, tapi tak boleh tidur jugak ! Damn, I stress. It helps me because when you take this Satin Skinz product, then get ready to "no caffeine" intake. You are prohibited to take any caffeine drinks. So, I thought, owh okay bolehlah tolong selesaikan masalah insomnia ni. Now, paling lewat tidur, 2@3 a.m but still Im trying to sleep more earlier. And that's the answer why I took it at 12am. I hope you guys can understands it :'))

Pengambilan air, well pagi sebelum lunch I akan ambil 1L, after lunch sampai asar another 1L, and then when the night comes, my last 1L. Pandai lah cari jarak untuk nak minum 1L dalam tempoh masa tuh. Its good minum air bebanyak ni. Removed the toxin in your body. Tapi effect, kerap ke tandas lah, lol :'))

Okay, this Satin Skinz Gluta Tabs comes with 2 bottle in a box.
*Glutathione Plus with pink label and
*Astaxanthin Plus with blue label

Both of this bottles contain 60 chewable tablets. That's what stated in the bottles. So if you take 2 tablets from each bottle, day and night which makes it 4, then a box of Satin Skinz Gluta Tabs can last for a month. Untuk sesiapa yang baru ambil, well it stated here, that you should take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets at night. Which means, the first box that you take/tried will last for a month. After that korunk boleh lah ikut suka korunk nak amek 2x sehari ataupun masih kekalkan dengan 4x sehari from both bottles.

It also said that, you must eat one tablets from the pink and one from the blue one. Because the tablets in the pink bottle will only work if you eat it along with the tablets in the blue bottle. Please correct me if Im wrong okay. Im just telling you guys, what I understand. So if there's a mistake, do feel free to tell me.

Okay, for the Satin Skinz White Booster, it only contain 30 tablets, which makes it last half than a month if you take it both day and night. Tapi in my case, from the survey that I read, kalau ada Gluta Tabs/Premium plus White Booster, then you only need to take the White Booster only in the day, a few hours after you take the Gluta Tabs/Premium.

Satin Skinz White Booster also come in 2 bottles, which are:
*Royal Cerepron-F and
*Nutroxsun Gold

Ahh, for the benefits of this product, you can just Google it okay, cause there are so many benefits.

Ahhhh, okay, Im still quite loss about Satin Skinz Premium and Satin Skinz Gluta Tabs. I don't know if both are the same. I mean if they renew Satin Skinz Premium into Satin Skinz Gluta Tabs or both of them are different. I tried to search about both of them if there is any different, but it turns out that, both of them carry the same function only Gluta Tabs is said to be much more better ? Ermm, Im not so sure about this, Im still have no clear explaination between this product. Sebab most kedai pun jual Gluta Tabs and I still can't find the Premium one. But as for me, kira macam plus plus lah effect makan Gluta Tabs ni.

Like the Susu Kambing Madu yang sekarang jadi hot sale item, kan ada yang biasa dengan yang plus punya. Kalau plus dia ada tulis dekat kotak tuh. Ermm, ada baca review dia, and certain tester yang berjaya, half from the box, kulit dorunk dah putih. But it takes so many boxes for me, yet still the result didn't come out, like I said lah, lain orang lain effectnya. Mungkin luar tak nampak, but dalaman, mungkin dapat tolong jaga. Take time right. In Shaa Allah.

So, Im not trying hard to persuade you guys to grab and buy this product instantly. In other words, I simply hard to recommend any of this product that I used right now, because none of this has worked on me yet. As for Satin Skinz, maybe I will recommend it to you guys after I've been a successor tester of this product. So wait for another a week, or may be genap sebulan, I'll show you the result.

About the price, well ermm I beli dekat Kausz, with a member price. So I think if this product really works on me, maybe I can say that it's worth for me.

So apa-apa pun tunggu okay.